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Honeydew Heat ~ Signed and Numbered Prints

Toad Art Studios

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Honeydew Heat ~ Signed and Numbered Prints

Enliven Your Space with this original art by Toad.

Quick Notes:

  • Click on the "Customization" menu to choose which size and frame option you'd like.
  • If you'd like more than one: increase from the "Quantity" option, and then add to cart.


Each Toad Art print boasts bright, bold colors on a durable and smooth matte texture.

Dimensions for Mini Size:  4'' x 6'' inches (10 x 15 centimeters). 

Dimensions for Actual Size:  11'' x 17'' inches (28 x 43 centimeters).

See closeups of each piece by clicking through this products picture chart.

Framing is an available custom option and does a beautiful job of highlighting the art.

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